Commercial Mortgage Advisors

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It is always best to use the right professional for your needs. Commercial lending is no different, it requires a skilled and experienced professional who specializes in Commercial lending for the process to be smooth and pain free.

At Mountainview Mortgage, we work closely with a commercial broker who has ample experience and works only in commercial lending.

Whether you’re buying a commercial property for your business, community organization, or you’re buying a rental property, one of your first steps that will be securing a commercial mortgage.

A few reasons why to use a Specialized Commercial Mortgage Broker:

  • Better Rates
    • When you use a specialized Commercial Mortgage Broker they have a larger pool of lenders to compete for the best rate and products
  • Specialized knowledge
    • Commercial mortgages are more complex than residential mortgages and the qualification process can be more difficult. When you work with a specialized commercial mortgage broker they are better aware of the requirements and how to navigate the complexities.
  • Financing options
    • You will need for a down payment substantially larger than what you would need for a residential property. By working with a qualified commercial mortgage broker, you can learn strategies and financing options to ensure that you are able to make your down payment.

If you have any questions, or would like to connect with our commercial mortgage broker, please feel free to contact me any time.

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